Thursday, October 25, 2007

Here is Dee. This beautiful mama carries her daughter in a lovely powder blue mei tai. The love between the two is palpable. Both mother and daughter are created in a style that encourages thoughtful, personal interpretation; there are no features that decide emotions before hand.

This mother is one of my "Encompassing Love" mothers. A mothers' love is all encompassing - as is her ability to reach out to all around her. Her arms, her breadth reveal this feature of womanly empowerment.


Camera batteries died.

I have been busy since I last wrote. I finished a hat for DH (unfortunately, I made it a little long.... so there's a poof in the back..... It'll keep his ears warm!) and some leggings. The orange pairs are getting swapped but the grey ones are for E. I also made her a pair of black ones... but they are always on her and missing somewhere in the house.

Here's a pic of the leggings.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Recycled Sweater Longies - red, night prototype

This style can either be worn cuff up during the day or cuff down to keep toes toasty at night. Perfect for a babe who just doesn't do socks!

recycled sweater leggings.

I made E. a nightgown out of a recycled sweater (didn't like the pattern - useable, but I'm working on making it better) and made her a pair of leggings to go with it. These are different from the women's sock because they have a seam running up the back. On the flip side the seam doesn't seem to bother E. and they are made of super-warm wool.

Here is my mama doll. C. tossed her in the bag he brought me to the hospital - I decided not to finish her and leave her a little fuzzy and her hands unfinished. (Kinda can't finish her - she reminds me of the hell I went through in the hospital....) She is carrying her babe in a little sling. Made in plain style.

Leggings for baby - from womens' socks. E. was on the go for these pictures - she did not want to stay still! And here she is AFTER her photo shoot!

bum sweater - lambswool and angora

This is my own personal bum sweater pattern - through trial and error, I've done my time, figured out waist and leghole measurements, found the best elastic - these are what my daughter wears the most often! I'll post pictures later of others that I've made! (Have I said I love this sweater fabric - it pills like none other, but is so soft it's worth it! I found another lambswool and angora sweater (white) at Goodwill today! I heart Goodwill!!!)

Purple lambswool & angora longies! With a center diamond to aid in mobility. I don't have any more of this sweater (I messed up the first one (yes, I'm still sad about this). I finally got the elastic today for the waist.

C. and I go to Goodwill on their 50% off days and buy sweaters. It's such a bonding experience. Like today - we went and bought sweaters (we thought it was the 50% off day - it wasn't). We went through checking for white tags AND for wool content. We got some good ones that I've been felting in the washer today! Yeah.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Needle felted balls!

(ignore the soap stains on the bowl!)

E. is still too young to play with the balls, but they are great for me to work on - mindless needlefelting to keep my needlefelting hand strong! I think I'm going to try to sell these balls. They're not really usable for E. yet.
Here's another testament to my extreme crafty mood lately:

A basket weave hat - original pattern by me! I teach myself to knit and decide to write my own patterns! I <3 math though, so that's not really surprising! I need to get better at working on dpn's and transitioning from knit to purl. Not bad for a secomd knit project.

This little creature will remain forever immortalized unfinished. I finished her, had my hospital stay and she's lost. She ended up with one hand on her waist and the other reaching out and a band made out of the same roving as her skirt on her head. She stood about 4 inches tall and was my first sculpture. She, sadly, remains unnamed. When I find her again, I'll name her.

She is made featureless, but of course, I can add simple features if anyone would like!

First post

Ok. So I need a arts and crafts blog where I can post my items. I also need a blog where I can talk about my form of activism that my family and friends don't have to come to - unless they want. So here it is