Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Arm Warmers

Today was a snow day at the preschool where I work. So I had about 5 extra hours today to do whatever I wanted! Well I used that time to my advantage. I finally got elastic in a couple pairs of felted longies for E. I had sewn these for her almost 2 months ago. Go figure it took me that long. I also got a little spinning and some work on a doll I'm doing for a MDC craft swap. But my pride and joy of accomplishments today was the making of 2 more pairs or armwarmers. It's amazing how useful these things are. I can make 2 or three of these from a felted sweater. I love using the wool fibers - they warm right up to the touch and, because of the nature of the garments I choose to felt, are wonderfully silky soft. I wear a pair just about every day - and must say I absolutely LOVE they way the work. I wear them with gloves, without gloves, under a sweater, with a light shirt and a coat, with a tank around the house... In the winter I am hard pressed to NOT find a use for them.

These are 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool - they are silky soft and just glide through my fingers.... but...

I love the colors of these 100% Lambswool ones! If I were keeping a pair for myself - I'd choose these. I'm hoping to post these on my etsy store and I hope that someone makes these a Valentine's Day present to them self!

And what is a crafting day without the picture of the babe that makes it all worthwhile? Here is my little E playing in the snow while I take pictures. And yes, that snowsuit was $0.99 at Goodwill. In perfect condition with tags still attached. Can I say that we have the best luck!

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